Music never let me down…..

October 27, 2009 at 3:30 am (Uncategorized)

Good times, bad times, music never ever let me down.

I’m an addicted Arsenal fan and my team just made me very very upset last night.  Which led me to a conclusion that sometimes football sucks.

But Rock n’ Roll is always there, always the antidode for anything.

Last night produced one of the unforgettable days of my life.  It’s nothing much really but it went like this:

I, along with my band Outro, made a couple of albums awhile ago (5-6 years) which never really hit any kind of success in terms of commercial and recognization values.  But I alwasy knew in my heart that there are one small set of Rock fans who did enjoy and appreciated what we did.  You have to understand too that we live in Thailand, a country where Rock music is considered a piece of shit (to the majority) when compared to Korean pop “music”.

The old days with young us

The old days with young us

And last night confirmed what I always believe.  While we’re on stage playing at the Rock Pub (the only surviving Rock n’ Roll bar in Bangkok) doing cover songs that I love there was a group of 4 young men who started to request my band’s songs from the past.  And it turned out that they’re like the biggest Outro’s fans.  Obviously they’re a band too so I invited them to come up and play some songs in which they ended up playing one of our song from the first album!  And the whole night turned into the nostalgia’s biggest party.  Their bassist ended up on stage singing 4-5 songs of our own without one wrong word.  It’s what I’ve always been dreaming of having, a true fan of my music who sings to my lyrics.  It’s just 4 people I know, but they’re what we love about Rock music….no other genre of music will ever produce true and honest fans like Rock n’ Roll…..that’s a true fact.

I know too that this is not a big deal to anyone at all.

2nd album cover

2nd album cover

But I’m no Rockstar, I’m just a musician and artist who love Rock music who plays in a Rock band.  My dream was never to make millions selling records or sold out arenas, my dream was always to play Rock music that I love to the people that love Rock music.  We never made any real money off those records, what we always wish for was some kind of appreciation in what we do.  What we did was real and to have people recognize it was a very big deal to us.

By being an unpopular and unknown band, we know that when this small set of fans came to us and sing our songs, this is real, you know.  We’re not a trend for them to follow, our songs are 5-6 years old but they still listen to them and sing them so wonderfully I was a truely happy person last night.

These are just words from one small Rock fan and artist, and this is just one dream that I never thought would happen.  How one person can always inspire…….

’til the next record……


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Metallica’s new album

August 10, 2008 at 3:31 am (Uncategorized) ()

What to expect from the greatest Metal band in the history?

Yes, I think they’re the best pure Metal band ever.  They slipped up big time with Load and Reload, but their early stuff alone granted them the best in business. 

And I still think St.Anger is underrated.  The snare’s sound alone made people complained too much.  Some songs are 3 minutes too long but this album was hard and raw.  As Tommy Lee said, people expect the bands they like to keep making the same music over and over again, if not then it’s selling out.  People have to understand that artists hate doing the same thing over and over and over again.  You can talk shit about them, but without Metallica you wouldn’t see Metal music as it is today.

And people hated them so much for the Napster thing.  They forgot one thing: almost every bands on this planet wanted to do the same thing but didn’t have the guts!!!  It wasn’t about money, I still believe that, it was about making a stand against the people who tried to make money from someone else’s sweat.  Sure, today people don’t buy cds anymore.  But most of the illegal downloading software today at least are not trying to make any money or fame.  Just say I’m not totally on their side on this, it’s just that I understand what they were trying to do.  Plus, Lars is just so very easy to hate, ain’t he?

I heard the one new song that they played a lot at concerts, it has a strong beginning but the verse sucked.  But I know I can’t expect too much, they were so good in the 80’s that no one, even themselves, could do better.  I’m excited to hear Robert’s input and bass sounds though, he’s so damn tight! His playing blows Jason away, man.

I have the cover here:  

Looks very modern, doesn’t it?

I’m waiting for its release, I’ll tell you how it is then.


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I hate to hate Bullet For My Valentine

August 10, 2008 at 2:55 am (Uncategorized) ()

There’s nothing much to say, really.  I’m sure they’re a great band, very talented and very fresh.  But I don’t like them on principle. 

Too many kids like them and adore them.  Hate me for it, but I just can’t like this kind of band.  I love Metal music, but they’re TOO metal (if you know what I mean), it’s like they’re trying too hard and it doesn’t look natural like Trivium.

Avenged Sevenfold: They’re so damn popular that I can’t make force myself to like them that much.  Although I love the song “Almost Easy”, they’re another band that, to me, looked as if they’re trying too hard to be Metal and badass.  I saw them live last year.  It’s like they didn’t even try (to give it all).  They played like 1 hour, then that’ it, they’re done.  I saw Korn about 4-5 years ago (best show in my life, by the way), and there’s no competition: Korn was so much better live, the energies were like 20 times better.  I think the reason must be that Korn went pass the point of caring about their looks, eventhough I’m sure they kicked ass in their early days anyway.

And why is it that when a band starts to get more and more popular, I, more often than not, like them less and less? (This only applies to new bands, meaning bands after the Nu Metal era)

Now I understand how older people felt when I told them, more than 10 years ago, that I love Korn and Deftones.

Diceman’s rantings on August 10, 2008!

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August 1, 2008 at 9:44 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, here we go.

I just finished reading an autobiography of Aerosmith.  So as it’s very fresh in my mind, it’s a good place to start.

I’m 24 years old.  So I think you can imagine I never get to hear their early early stuff until a couple years ago.  Like a lot of bands, their new stuff, like I don’t wanna miss a thing in around 97-98′, stopped me from digging through their back catalogue.

I first heard them by accident in a music store when I was like in 6th grade.  I think it was the album ‘Get a grip’.  The song ‘Eat the Rich’ forced my to buy the album.  Then I bought ‘Pump’. And it was good for the time, I was addicted to it for like a couple weeks.  The song ‘Janie’s got a gun’ was one of thier best, so so good.  But since then I never really listen to Aerosmith again (apart from the popular tunes such as Sweet Emotion, Walk this way, Cryin, Crazy, Amazing, etc…

…Until I discovered their first album and the song ‘Make it’ about a year ago.

This is from 1973 stuff, man, but it rocked the shit out of me. This song was so Rock n’ Roll and kicked me into yet another addictive phase.  It’s been playing in my ipod almost everyday since.  ‘Aerosmith,’ ‘Toys…’, and ‘Rocks’ are masterpieces to me.

Everything about this song makes them the GREAT AMERICAN BAND (this is from the book).  Aerosmith, I think, started and set the tone for the American Rock to become great and better to their English counterpart.  And it proved right, since the 80’s I honestly think America produced a lot more good bands and Rock music than the English.  But that’s whole another issue for later.

Anyway, I can’t deny this song so I digged through all their albums and what I have to say is this:

I’m not wondering why they’re so great and popular and still have the same members anymore.  The song ‘Back in the saddle’ was another great great great bang.  When Tyler screamed “I’m backkkkkkk” I just wanna jumped and jumped and wish I could see them live back in the days.

And who could refused the bass line into ‘Sweet Emotion’.  Did I mention I play bass?  Well, the bass intro is one of the best in my opinion.  Good things don’t have to be complicated.

‘Janie’s got a gun’ is what I considered their best work though.  This is one of the song that perfectly combined great music and lyrics together.  For you who doesn’t know, it’s about a girl who was abused by her own father, hmm.

I do think that Aerosmith WAS the first American band that broke through and became one of the greatest ever.  Before them, who were the great American bands?  I have no idea, they were all English.

I was born on 1984, so I missed out on a lot of great Rock n’ Roll.  But I’m lucky enough to be living in a world that provides me endless opportunities to discover more and more good music.  It’s never too late.  Just like when Tyler said “I wanna make records ’cause then I will live forever”.


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August 1, 2008 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized)

Hello people.

Let me tell you about why I started this blog:

I want to write and share ideas, experiences, opinions, etc. about a certain type of music that I can die for: ROCK.

And let me say this:  I can listen to anything that can be defined or categorized by ROCK, although it doesn’t mean I will like it.

To show you my wide range of Rock preferences, here’re my all-time favorite bands:

Metallica, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, Korn, Led Zeppelin

Yeah, I know they’re very different but I love them all.  I told you I like Rock music, not Metal-Grunge-Indie-blahblah.  I like anything that rocks good.

It’s only top 5 in no particular order but I guarantee you they’re just my all-time favorite, there’re many many many more I have in my account.

This blog is opened to anyone, I mean anyone, who wants to express their words about Rock music. 

On some days I will tell you my own experience listening to or seeing Rock music.  Some days I will rant about things that annoy me.  And some days I will probably just tell you music that may make the world a more interesting place to live.

That’s it for this first one.  By the way, my name is Nonthadet Buranasitiporn, you don’t have to call me that.  Diceman would be fine.


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