Music never let me down…..

October 27, 2009 at 3:30 am (Uncategorized)

Good times, bad times, music never ever let me down.

I’m an addicted Arsenal fan and my team just made me very very upset last night.  Which led me to a conclusion that sometimes football sucks.

But Rock n’ Roll is always there, always the antidode for anything.

Last night produced one of the unforgettable days of my life.  It’s nothing much really but it went like this:

I, along with my band Outro, made a couple of albums awhile ago (5-6 years) which never really hit any kind of success in terms of commercial and recognization values.  But I alwasy knew in my heart that there are one small set of Rock fans who did enjoy and appreciated what we did.  You have to understand too that we live in Thailand, a country where Rock music is considered a piece of shit (to the majority) when compared to Korean pop “music”.

The old days with young us

The old days with young us

And last night confirmed what I always believe.  While we’re on stage playing at the Rock Pub (the only surviving Rock n’ Roll bar in Bangkok) doing cover songs that I love there was a group of 4 young men who started to request my band’s songs from the past.  And it turned out that they’re like the biggest Outro’s fans.  Obviously they’re a band too so I invited them to come up and play some songs in which they ended up playing one of our song from the first album!  And the whole night turned into the nostalgia’s biggest party.  Their bassist ended up on stage singing 4-5 songs of our own without one wrong word.  It’s what I’ve always been dreaming of having, a true fan of my music who sings to my lyrics.  It’s just 4 people I know, but they’re what we love about Rock music….no other genre of music will ever produce true and honest fans like Rock n’ Roll…..that’s a true fact.

I know too that this is not a big deal to anyone at all.

2nd album cover

2nd album cover

But I’m no Rockstar, I’m just a musician and artist who love Rock music who plays in a Rock band.  My dream was never to make millions selling records or sold out arenas, my dream was always to play Rock music that I love to the people that love Rock music.  We never made any real money off those records, what we always wish for was some kind of appreciation in what we do.  What we did was real and to have people recognize it was a very big deal to us.

By being an unpopular and unknown band, we know that when this small set of fans came to us and sing our songs, this is real, you know.  We’re not a trend for them to follow, our songs are 5-6 years old but they still listen to them and sing them so wonderfully I was a truely happy person last night.

These are just words from one small Rock fan and artist, and this is just one dream that I never thought would happen.  How one person can always inspire…….

’til the next record……


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