August 1, 2008 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized)

Hello people.

Let me tell you about why I started this blog:

I want to write and share ideas, experiences, opinions, etc. about a certain type of music that I can die for: ROCK.

And let me say this:  I can listen to anything that can be defined or categorized by ROCK, although it doesn’t mean I will like it.

To show you my wide range of Rock preferences, here’re my all-time favorite bands:

Metallica, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, Korn, Led Zeppelin

Yeah, I know they’re very different but I love them all.  I told you I like Rock music, not Metal-Grunge-Indie-blahblah.  I like anything that rocks good.

It’s only top 5 in no particular order but I guarantee you they’re just my all-time favorite, there’re many many many more I have in my account.

This blog is opened to anyone, I mean anyone, who wants to express their words about Rock music. 

On some days I will tell you my own experience listening to or seeing Rock music.  Some days I will rant about things that annoy me.  And some days I will probably just tell you music that may make the world a more interesting place to live.

That’s it for this first one.  By the way, my name is Nonthadet Buranasitiporn, you don’t have to call me that.  Diceman would be fine.



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